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about me!

hi!! i'm benna and i love rabbits, drawing,
pixel art, graphic design, and delicious food!
my fav thing to do is make games. ♡
i do lots of different kinds of art!

terms of service!


  • Ordering a commission constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms outlined below!

  • Commissions are not taken on first come first serve basis!

  • I reserve the right to decline or refund any commission if I feel I cannot complete the order to the client's satisfaction or in a timely manner.

  • I reserve the right to publicly post any commissioned works and works-in-progress unless alternate terms were arranged beforehand.

  • Commissioners requesting R-18 orders MUST be 18+.

  • Completed commissions are solely for personal, non-commercial use. Commissioners may request commercial usage rights for an additional fee at any time, even at a later date following completion of the order!

  • Strictly no use of my works is allowed for anything NFT or AI related, even if commercial rights were purchased!

  • Please credit me when using or posting my works!

  • Please take care to review the notes section for each commission type!

  • All payments are to be made up-front. Work on your order won't begin until payment is received!

  • No refunds on finished work or any orders I have already started work on.

  • I offer commissions through VGen as well as through a personal form. Please note that commissions via VGen may be priced at a convenience markup.

  • If you'd like to cancel your commission at any time, please contact me and I will happily refund you for any order that has not been started yet.

  • My order turnaround window is within 1-2 months of the order payment. While it is very likely that turnaround will be sooner, this window is set in the case that clients may need the finished work on a specific deadline.

  • If any extenuating circumstances arise which may delay order delivery beyond 2 months, I will inform commissioners ASAP via e-mail or Twitter announcement!

  • I accept rush orders for delivery by a specific date for an additional 30% fee, provided that the delivery date is at least 2 weeks from the date of order payment!



  • All orders are to be submitted via the Google form provided by me!

  • All communications will be conducted via e-mail! I do not conduct orders through DMs or social media. Thanks for understanding!

  • WIPs will be shown for approval at different times depending on the order type. You are welcome to provide feedback, redline, or request edits during these designated times. Extensive edits may cost extra.

  • Very extensive edits that would require complete- or near-complete redraws (full outfit changes, pose changes beyond partial alterations, and things of this nature) are not accepted! These would require a separate commission order at full price.

  • I want you to be happy with your order and comfortable with your experience! If you have any inquiries at any point, please contact me through e-mail at bunhug.shop@gmail.com! ૮ ˶´ ᵕˋ ˶ა (Also, please feel free to type as casually as you like!!)

Ordering a commission constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms outlined above.


  • I'm comfortable drawing any body types and skintones! Please feel welcome to specify any details you like in this area and I will do my best to capture it!

  • I do not post NSFW on my public accounts! However, you are welcome to post it on yours if you like. If you would like examples of R-18 illusts, please inquire via e-mail!

  • I take orders through my personal forms as well as my VGen page. Please note pricing for some order types on VGen includes a convenience fee in order to cover additional platform fees. Ordering through my form does not include these fees; quotes are with the pricing shown below.

any shipsintense gore
furry, anthrointense horror
nsfw, r-18hateful content




No WIPs / communication / edits! An illustration of the artist's choice for the character(s) provided!
$70 base price includes a minimum full-color portrait with background of my choice! Submitting an offer higher than the base price means greater levels of complexity and detail to the final piece.
NOTE These will be sort of experimental! The style and background may vary.


For this additional fee, your commission will be produced into a physical merch item and shipped to you!
NOTE Please ensure that you're comfortable providing a shipping address and allowing some extra time for the merch production!
Includes one copy of your standee, and shipping within the domestic United States. International shipping is +$5. Optionally, you can order additional copies of your standee at +$7 per unit!By default, standees are 15cm tall, clear, single-sided, and come with a plain clear base. For additional parts like backgrounds, props, a designed base, or alternate production methods, please inquire!



A pixel sprite with reactive animation! The default for these is a 200px x 200px original canvas size, worked on a 32-color palette. 16-color palette is also possible if requested! Animated sprites include a basic idle animation and chat animation like pictured! Please inquire if you would like additional alternate expressions.

  • Please note some design details may be simplified to be accommodated in the small canvas area.

  • If you have specific canvas size or palette preferences, please let me know in your order form!

  • You'll receive a regular sketch with colors to confirm posing, placement, accuracy, etc. Please take care to check and confirm everything is correct at this stage! No large edits (design changes, full pose changes, etc.) will be accepted once I begin the sprite.

  • Another WIP will be delivered once the sprite is ready to be animated! At this point, please let me know of any small edits or changes you might need for accuracy.


  • Static includes two PNGs (open mouth, closed mouth) ; Animated includes two GIFs (idle animation, chat animation). If you would like the frames or images delivered in a specific format, let me know!

  • Welcome to pngtubers and giftubers! If you have particular specifications for your streaming setup, please feel free to discuss with me and I can make sure to accommodate.



A detailed portrait painting from the chest-up (unless otherwise requested). This illust type is intended for emphasis on the character’s face and capturing unique features, design details, and expression. Hands and objects can also be included!

  • Basic/pattern backgrounds like pictured are included! If you want a specific BG, decor, or transparent BG, please describe it in the notes!

  • Scenery BG can be requested for an additional fee.

  • Hand pose requests and/or props are welcome!

  • WIPs will be delivered for sketch approval and for color approval.

  • WIPs are not provided for sketch comms (as the sketch is regarded as the finished product)!


sketch: half$85+2x/per
sketch: full$100+2x/per
color: half$150+$75/per
color: full$200+$100/per

Character illusts from thigh-up (half) to full-body (full). Best for character references, dynamic poses, and full illustrations. Both static poses and action/perspective poses are welcome!

  • Basic/pattern backgrounds are included! If you want a specific BG, decor, or transparent BG, please describe it in the notes!

  • Scenery BG can be requested for an additional fee. For this comm type, fee is largely dependent upon complexity of BG.

  • WIPs will be delivered for sketch approval and for color approval.

  • WIPs are not provided for sketch comms (as the sketch is regarded as the finished product)!